Honor Ride

For Vets

Liberty Ventures presents Honor Ride for Veterans, a competitive motorcycle rally dedicated to honor veterans.  Although competitive in nature, our purpose is to facilitate the collection of  donations, to make a tangible difference in the lives of our veterans.     

100% of all donations received during this rally will go to and benefit Honor Flight Nevada. Honor Flight Nevada takes veterans on unforgettable trips to Washington D.C., showing them the respect and honor they have earned and deserve.  For those that have protected our freedoms, this often becomes a life healing event. 

The rally scores are based on miles ridden and donations made in the rider’s name. Whether you are a seasoned rider or new to motorcycling you can make a significant impact.  There are also non-riding positions for those wanting to compete in a separate catagory and raise donations in their name.  

Participate in this rally, donate or become a sponsor. Together we will ensure our veterans receive the recognition they deserve.  Liberty Ventures is a 501(c)(3)


* Riders : Registered Riders receive full rally pack and compete for top trophies and sponsor donated prizes through miles ridden and donations received in their name.

* Non-Riders: Registered Non-Riders, those unable to ride, is a separate class receiving a full rally pack and compete for a trophy in this separate class through donations received in their name. 

 * Donors: May contribute at any time. However, after May 1st you can donate to a specific registered participant increasing their rally score. On May 1st their name will begin to appear, as a choice, in the above two classes. 

Rally Format / Rules

The Honor Ride For Veterans rally is a 30 day event. Rider scores are based on the total miles ridden in 30 days and donations riders are able to solicit, from their sponsors, beginning May 1st through the end of the rally.  Trophies for top finishers in several categories and prize drawings for all registered riders. 

Miles can be accumulated at any time and anywhere during the 30 day rally. Ride to work, take a weekend trip, go on vacation, or even do an extreme cross country ride.  All miles on your motorcycle during the month are counted toward your score at one point per mile ridden.

The donation portion of the scoring is achieved by participants soliciting donations in their name from individual sponsors.  Donations are easy.  Have friends, family, employers log on, select their participant and make a donation in that persons name.  Donation scores for participants are based  on 5 points per dollar raised.

Those unable to ride yet still want to participate may also register and receive awards in the separate category, Non- Riding Social Participant. 

Please review the complete rules on the Full Rally Rules Page.  

Support A Rider

Donations are easy.  Any donation button will direct you to the donation page.  Fill out the page and be sure to select the name of participant you would like to have credit for your donation.  Once the donation form is filled out you will be directed to Pay Pal. Pay Pal processes the transaction however you do not need a Pay Pal account to complete the donation.  

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